WOMEN’STEC is delighted to be part of the 2018 Year of Engineering, a campaign that celebrates the world and wonder of engineering and aims to address the shortage of young people, particularly females choosing engineering as a career path.

As part of the Year of Engineering, we will aim to support women to take greater advantage of opportunities in sectors and careers where women are typically under-represented, such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. We’re keen to encourage and support females to get involved in the industry!

A career in engineering is exciting.  Yet there is a big shortage of young people that think it could be a job for them.  From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to life saving cancer treatment, engineering touches every part of our lives.  However, not enough young people – especially young girls – think it’s a world for them. As a result, the industry is struggling to recruit future talent.

Working in engineering is rewarding and creative. It provides the next generation of innovators and problem solvers to help shape the world in which we live. There are lots of different routes into a career in engineering, including an apprenticeship or a university qualification.

WOMEN’STEC is proud to have students who have moved on to a STEM career. Two of our former students are featured in the NI publication, “Successful Women in Stem” which highlights role models – view the report by clicking here.

The Year of Engineering is a UK-wide campaign, which celebrates the world and wonder of engineering. To find out more, visit yearofengineering.gov.uk or search #YoE on Twitter.

To find out more about WOMEN’STEC please visit our website www.womenstec.org and our facebook or twitter.