WOMEN’STEC is delighted to have developed a fantastic new opportunity for women to access manufacturing skills training.

WOMEN’STEC, working in collaboration with Belfast Met, is now offering opportunities for women to train in bench fitting, sheet metal, welding, and foundry which can lead to an accredited qualification.

During the year WOMEN’STEC organises educational visits for women to Belfast Met to learn about the metal working, welding, foundry and carpentry courses. Women can choose to undertake a taster week in sheet metal and bench fitting, and have the opportunity to gain an accredited NVQ qualification in Engineering Skills.

One of the participants commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with sheet metal. I’d like to thank WOMEN’STEC for providing the opportunity for me to attend training in an area I hadn’t considered was an option for women. Now I realise engineering and working with metal is a great career choice for women, and not just for boys. It was great to see women completing the course, and I hope more women will take up this fantastic opportunity.”

Women can contact WOMEN’STEC to find out about opportunities to train in metal working, welding, casting / foundry skills, carpentry and engineering skills by emailing kelli.boyles@womenstec.org or ringing 02890 749 810.