I’m Hannah and I live just outside of East Belfast. I found out about WOMEN’STEC through a friend, who had done a course and couldn’t recommend it highly enough! I completed accredited OCN units at Level 1 in Carpentry and I’m planning to go on to Belfast Met to continue training as soon as my youngest child starts school next year.

I hadn’t attended a course in a very long time and I was anxious about walking into an unknown place full of strangers. However, the tutor could not have been more welcoming and I soon felt comfortable chatting with everyone in the class as everyone was in the same boat! WOMEN’STEC is a unique place, you don’t feel under any pressure because everyone is so reassuring and my confidence levels have grown significantly since enrolling with them. I want to build on my skills further, and I’ve already started doing DIY around the house and fixing things I would never have attempted before.

I have been working part-time on a casual basis in retail, but because my self confidence has increased, I am now starting to look for more challenging roles and working on applications. It was inspiring to be taught traditionally ‘male’ skills by a female tutor – it definitely makes a difference to what you feel like you can achieve. I have always been interested in teaching and hopefully, if I continue to pursue my love of woodwork and complete further training, I will be able to go on to do a Certificate in Teaching and become a trades tutor.