I’m 29 years old and I live in North Belfast. I recently became employed full-time just two weeks after my WOMEN’STEC classes ended.

I enrolled with WOMEN’STEC and I began a Joinery class and a Plumbing class in 2015 which finished in 2016. I also wanted to gain confidence and meet new people.

I achieved a lot out of the courses at WOMEN’STEC – more confidence and a positive outlook, which has helped me believe I can do anything. I mostly enjoyed joinery as I love creating things and working with my hands. My brother has his own joinery business so I wanted to be able to use what I learnt to be able to assist my brother. Plumbing was great as we all have been stuck with air locks in our radiators and leaking toilets and now I know how to fix these at home which will save me money in the long run and without relying on a contractor.

I also loved meeting new people. Everyone was brilliant – the women who work at WOMEN’STEC, the tutors and all who were in both my classes. Completing the courses with WOMEN’STEC gave me so much more confidence and this has resulted in me going out and getting a full-time job just two weeks after my WOMEN’STEC classes ended.

If I had to describe WOMEN’STEC in one sentence I’d say, ‘Inspiring, uplifting, positive, can do attitude, boosts confidence and friendly!’ The staff are amazing people and definitely speak to them about classes. I’d also recommend women to gain new skills in areas that you only think a man can do, as women can train and work in trades successfully.