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lightgen1Grundtvig for light gen

Light Generation Living through Generations, was a European research project involving several countries: Poland, Italy, Turkey, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. This project has now finished.

The main objective of the project was to provide families, especially the older generation, with knowledge and practical competencies in the field of dietetics, healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle.  By supplying different variations of balanced diets and introducing easy sporting activities.

The aims of the project was to provide information on:

  • Active Lifestyle – the importance of being physically active.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – the importance of eating healthy.
  • Gen Style – Recommendations and suggestions based on project findings.
  • Exchange and transfer of good practices and experiences

WOMENSTEC was responsible for the evaluations for the project. This involved developing questionnaires, target group representatives and to organise evaluation sessions.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Open Day
Role of Physical Activity in Maintaining a Healthy Life