WOMEN’STEC hosted a group of twenty-eight P7 students form Our Lady’s Girls Primary School, North Belfast, in a woodworking session on Thursday, 27 September 2018.

The girls took part in a range of hands-on activities such as sanding, planing and using a drill in order to learn the process of making a stool from recycled pallet wood. The finished product will be taken back to their school and used in a new outdoor classroom and garden.

The morning workshop was a huge success and the girls were very enthusiastic to learn practical skills. They were also interested to hear about career areas such as carpentry, furniture making and other jobs that many of the girls hadn’t heard of previously, or didn’t think were available to them.

Kelli Johnston, Communications Officer, commented: “It was an amazing day and the girls loved every minute of their time in the workshop. Many of the girls expressed a desire to come back and do training with us.  This type of event could help steer a young person’s future career choice, and we’re delighted that primary school age girls are showing a keen interest in non-traditional training.”