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With-Ch Project

Wise Teacher – Healthy Child

for Teachers on Dietetics and Healthy Nutrition for Children and Adolescents

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The With_Ch project is now completed. It was funded with support from the European Commission under the lifelong learning programme, Leonardo Da Vinci. This was a European project involving several countries: Poland, Italy, Turkey, Romania, United Kingdom and Spain. This project has now finished.

The key objective of the project was to provide teachers from all types of schools with knowledge and practical competencies in the field of dietetics, healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle.

It delivered various workshops to teachers in order to promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and to explain the consequences to health by overeating. Teachers were supported with  training and practical solutions related to active involvement in daily activities and nutrition, in particular understanding and respecting new methods and views.

WOMENSTEC were responsible for creating the booklet which will include research findings, a summary of the courses and workshops, recommendations, pictures, recipes and other relevant information.

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