Standard Utilities has over 15 years’ experience in the business telecommunications and utilities industries.  Our company’s mission is to provide clients with cost effective telecoms solutions and deliver a high quality, on-going support network in the UK and Ireland.

Building and maintaining personal relationship helps us to understand your business and how it’s evolving, so we’re constantly working to find ways to meet your requirements and help you work smarter.

As a customer of Standard Utilities you will benefit from our extensive telecoms experience throughout the UK and Ireland.  Our clients’ include local authorities, schools and charities, as well as a number of blue chip companies.

As part of extensive work with charities and the Arts, we have engaged in a number of partnerships and sponsorship arrangement to include WOMEN’STEC.  We are passionate about equality and avoiding stereotypes which drew us to WOMEN’STEC and are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with work placements and apprenticeship schemes in the near future.