WOMEN’STEC is a partner organisation in the Women’s Regional Consortium.  The vision for the programme is: “That women living in disadvantage in urban areas and women living in rural areas will be provided with the specialist support they require to enable them to tackle disadvantage and fulfil their potential in overcoming the barriers that give rise to their marginalisation, experience of poverty and exclusion.”

The Consortium is the established link and strategic partner between government and statutory agencies and women in disadvantaged and rural areas (D&RA) including all groups, centres and organisations delivering essential frontline services, advice and support.

The Department for Social Development are in the process are in the process of evaluating the impact of the work Consortium on the ground.

Events organised/co hosted by WOMEN’STEC for the Consortium include:

Consultation on Domestics Violence and Abuse Strategy (April 14)

Mary Mellor – Women and the Economy (April 14)

Consultation on Women’s Education and Training needs (July 14)

Women and Leadership focus group (August 14)

Assembly Connect event – women meeting North Belfast MLAs (November 14)

If you have attended any of these events, could you spend 5 minutes to fill in the survey.

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Survey of Women’s Organisations