WOMEN’STEC has an exciting new programme for females aged 14+ and it’s different to all the rest!  If you’re female and you aspire to earn a decent salary, and you’re not quite sure what career path you want to take ….. our Promoting Opportunities Programme could be just the thing for you!

“This is a fantastic way for young women between the ages of 14 and 24 to gain an insight into careers where women are often under represented.  Through this new programme, you’ll get a confidence boost, lots of inspiration from visits and outings, the chance to meet inspirational female role models and discover some fab careers (you CAN do), alongside support and guidance on how to pursue non-traditional careers!  If you ever thought you couldn’t work in the wider construction industry, in the I.T industry, engineering or other areas, join this project to see how you can,” says Helen Kerr, the project worker at WOMEN’STEC.

Funded by Urban Villages, the #notjustforboys programme is currently open to young women living in Ardoyne and Ballysillan areas.  For something totally different, contact Helen by emailing helen.kerr@womenstec.org or ringing 028 9074 9810.