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The Building Independence Programme is a programme for young mums aged 16-30. The programme is aimed at increasing personal development in young mums and helping them gain new, non-traditional skills. 

The programme runs for roughly 20 weeks at a time and has a free creche on site for the children of participants. The Wee Chicks creche is located in the WOMEN'STEC building and are working with us across all of our projects.

Some of the skills that the young mums have been working on are acid etching, stained glass making and DIY skills. 

"I have learned a lot, like how to hang curtains, change a fuse and to be more confident. The training is really good and I love the DIY class. It's been amazing. I love the staff and the support they give, and I've also made lots of friends."


Nicole Beth


"I completed half a degree at university before having to drop out because I was pregnant. I then signed up for training because it was something I could do during the week to get me out of the house when I needed to. The young mum's group has helped me learn to enjoy new experiences again, something I thought I couldn't do as a new mum."




"I’d definitely say my life has improved through WOMEN’STEC. If I hadn’t come here I don’t think I would feel as confident as I do now. I didn't get to meet any similar women to me becasue of the pandemic so it was nice to finally feel like I wasn't on my own when I came here."



Bethany Kate

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