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The Building Independence Programme was made possible through the generous funding from the Rosa fund and the Smallwood Trust. What set this program apart was its participant-driven nature, designed to cater specifically to the unique needs of the students.


This vital initiative was tailored to support young mothers, aged 16 to 30, in cultivating essential confidence and soft skills imperative for future employment prospects. A significant portion of these women would have faced significant barriers to participation were it not for the provision of childcare services. Overcoming this obstacle was pivotal in enabling them to progress towards further training, education, or entering the workforce.


Our dedicated programme for young mothers not only equipped them with practical skills in DIY and construction, but also fostered a sense of community and mutual support. This camaraderie aided their personal development and as their children approached school age, these young mothers were primed and prepared to take meaningful steps forward in their own journeys.

"I have learned a lot, like how to hang curtains, change a fuse and to be more confident. The training is really good and I love the DIY class. It's been amazing. I love the staff and the support they give, and I've also made lots of friends."


Nicole Beth


"I completed half a degree at university before having to drop out because I was pregnant. I then signed up for training because it was something I could do during the week to get me out of the house when I needed to. The young mum's group has helped me learn to enjoy new experiences again, something I thought I couldn't do as a new mum."




"I’d definitely say my life has improved through WOMEN’STEC. If I hadn’t come here I don’t think I would feel as confident as I do now. I didn't get to meet any similar women to me becasue of the pandemic so it was nice to finally feel like I wasn't on my own when I came here."



Bethany Kate

The PASS project was a dedicated initiative aimed at providing invaluable support to women aged 16 to 24, while the Pathways program was tailored for those over 24. Between these two projects, we welcomed 10 new participants.


The program encompassed a diverse array of courses and training sessions, ensuring student development and progression. From mastering DIY skills to honing their creativity through crafting courses, participants delved into personal development, employability skills, and online training. This comprehensive curriculum was tailored to empower these students in various aspects of their lives.


Participants engaged in online work, actively logging into their TWN accounts to complete assignments. Pathways provided essential training, fostering employability and IT skills and to enhance their learning journey, participants complete tailored questionnaires designed to support their progress.

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