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Statistics show that girls typically choose traditionally viewed female career paths such as hairdressing, beauty or childcare. Salaries linked to these professions are lower, employment less secure, and progression opportunities limited. This compares unfavourably to

traditional male professions such as those in construction or engineering where salaries are higher and there are more opportunities for career progression. So why is this the case? Why are women under-represented? Sadly, a large part of the problem stems from the misconceptions that some jobs are “just for boys." 

Our social impact is simple, create training opportunities and employability pathways for females in non-traditional sectors. From taster sessions in joinery for Primary 7’s to tiling masterclasses for young mums. If it’s needed, we offer it. However, we need your support to make sure our good work continues. Do you have a passion to support us?


We need to expand our eco-system to have people like you supporting us.  If we are to challenge these misconceptions, we need advocates to help us do it. Supporting us means supporting females who have lots to offer.

As a champion, our Logo will be available for you to share, helping your brand and ours, boosting trustworthiness as well as letting the world know you are helping create inclusive and gender friendly workplaces.


We will update you on the amazing work that we are doing via social media channels, where our great work and yours will be featured regularly.  

Additionally, mentoring opportunities will be available, which is a great way for you to get involved in developing others. These partnerships will help us to cultivate opportunities.


Opportunities for apprenticeships, short term work placements and site visits, all of which will help inspire our females to make informed choices about their career. 

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