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The Promoting Opportunities Programme

#NotJustForBoys is our youth programme.

Overall, it aims to increase awareness amongst

young females of the wide array of career

opportunities available to them in sectors

where women are typically underrepresented,

such as construction or transport.

Statistics show that girls typically choose traditionally

viewed female career paths such as hairdressing,

beauty or childcare. Salaries linked to these professions

are generally lower, employment less secure, and

progression opportunities limited. This compares unfavourably to traditional male professions such as those in construction or engineering where salaries are higher and there are more opportunities for career progression. 

The #NotJustForBoys programme includes opportunities such as:

  • Introduction to Construction, our programme for P7 girls

  • Gender awareness/career workshops for primary age pupils

  • Post-primary school DIY programmes 

  • Homework Club

  • Summer Schemes

  • 8-week DIY programmes for youth groups

  • Support with work experience, placements and apprenticeships

  • Events, taster days and site visits in partnership with industry.


We are delighted to work with schools to increase awareness of these career opportunities and can provide support for careers departments and attend careers events, depending on capacity.

Get Involved

If your school or your group are interest in taking part in any of our #NotJustForBoys programmes, please fill out our form here.

If you want to discuss any of the possible ways you can support us check out our become a champion page  or contact us here.

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"Through introducing girls to women in alternative career

options, and engaging them with discussions about gender stereotypes, the girls were challenging their own pereconceptions.

Also the hands on workshop

making bat boxes will be a first

hand experience of exploring

new skills which are usually

thought of to be for males."

Hannah Walsh

Teacher - Hazelwood Intergrated Primary School


"It was a great day with a great message and really got them thinking. The girls had a brilliant day!"

Kathryn Duggen

Teacher - Our Lady's Girls Primary School


“I really enjoyed everything, nothing was too much and I could learn and take everything in at a good pace. I liked how informative it was and that we got to do hands-on work, rather than sitting in the building the whole time."



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