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The HERspace project is currently engaging 30 women, aged 25-65, to learn practical trade skills such as carpentry, electrics, plumbing, tiling and bricklaying. This project's goal is to transform an empty shipping container into a fully functioning living space. 

Alongside learning practical skills, the participants are also attending workshops focusing on topics which will help them to ‘thrive in the home’ such as managing personal finances, sustaining healthy relationships, basic DIY skills and universal credit support. The women will also be taking part in industry site visits to place like Templemore Baths and Finnebrogue Woods.


The transformed shipping container which was given to us by Fabraco, will be donated to serve as emergency living accommodation for vulnerable women in need of shelter. 

"The staff are really friendly and approachable. You feel really comfortable in the building and it’s easy to ask questions. You enjoy what you’re doing when you’re there. I love it, I'm learning so much and can't wait to see what else the course brings."


HERspace Student


"It's amazing! We've learnt how to wire a plug, build our own furniture, plaster a wall, hang a shelf, plumb a sink, build a brick wall and fit a shower - the list is endless. Amazing life skills that I'm excited to put into practice."




"WOMEN'STEC has made me motivated to try new things like electronics or DIY through the HERspace project.

It’s changed my whole life. The staff are so friendly and the tutors are brilliant, they will help you when you’re struggling and are so supportive."



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